December 21, 2006

hermits a  year  ban so im probbably  going to  quit  not going  to  update  this  anymore  so peace…

BTW  try  apple  pipe! so  good 😀 tried  i t   yesterday  i  was  so  done;

ok  bye  everyone



December 5, 2006

Well as you can see i havnt been updating in awhile its because i havnt been playing maple much just been hanging out with friends not gonna really update again till the 19th hopefully my hermit will be unbanned then ok keep giving me hits though ;D

new skill

December 1, 2006

ok well ive been wondering how to do the new scroll skill and finnaly someone helped me. This skill allows you to scroll any level item any class any sex. This can be used to make some money by scrolling male towels +1 with 30’s or 10’s for dex… This is the Skill.

drag item into square and drag the scroll onto it

You then get loading bar and then then scroll either works/passes/fails/breaks

When i first tried this i passed 4 60’s and 4 30’s on like 7different items ><! at first i thought OMG scroll hacks kept scrolling and finnaly broke something after 5 consecutive 30’s imagine i did that shit on a 50base yunkikonn GG 79 attack ;; o well thats just my luck. Here is a little walk through on how to do the quest

Activate quest:

1.) Talk to  In sleepywood

2.) collect:

1x 100% helmet def(Kerning Swamp scroll npc)

1x 100%1handed sword scroll(Kerning Swamp scroll npc)

1x 100% top wear def(Ellinia scroll npc)

1x 100% bottom wear def(Ellinia scroll npc)

1x Red Whip

1,000,000(1m) meru

3.)Once you have collect the items go back to the sleepywood npc. The npc will give you a skill in the beginner tab will already have 1point into it looks like this

1,000 hits ^-^

November 30, 2006

Got 1,000 blog hits today 😉 thanks for everyone that comes here.

Today was decent day cut school so had most of the day to do shit slept and crap.

got my archer to level 10

our corny guild picture 😦

New patch changed maple island 😮


They  also changed anego it now does 18k slap 12k touch and its def was raised my friend went from duing 11.8k to 10.6k 😦 shit fuck nexon

We did A little gay christmass tree


We did a shuri tree and some noob warrior runs in and trys to loot them i was laughing so hard lmfao


This guy named wes  lent ケツ帽子さん borrow his 60attack caster collateral was his 57yunikonn and 11dex 3luk pirate hat wes logged off so kurt thought he scammed him so he started making new hat… this is what he got

Hacks = very much

Thats all for now  Peace out fuckers


November 29, 2006

And my 10LUK 3ug wooden sheild




November 26, 2006




November 24, 2006

Well since im banned my friend kurt is letting me use his priest. gave me it at 87 its now 89 2lvls 2days no card



any meru donations will be appreciated on sakura ;D